Agriculture in Quebec is experiencing difficult times and facing great uncertainty (the future of quotas, farm income support…). Within this context, good management is very important, but a relatively serene mental state is just as important. The performance of an agricultural enterprise is fundamentally linked to the way it is managed. Management rests on psychological traits or attitudes as well as professional abilities. To be comfortable with one’s life and obtain interesting results with the business, it is important to know oneself and adjust if needed. This is Pierrette Desrosiers’ field. She helps us, with simplicity, realism, lots of examples and often humour, to live better lives professionally, and also personally.

Raymond Levallois, Professor
Agricultural and Food Sciences Faculty
Laval University, Quebec

A well-known speaker, Pierrette Desrosiers is the first work psychologist and specialised coach in the agricultural sector. She is fascinated by the many human challenges of family farms. Raised in a family of farmers and possessing vast experience in interventions, this out-of-the-ordinary “psycoach” opens up a toolbox to promote the development of emotional abilities in a simple, condensed and funny way.

Through this anthology, full of inspiring anecdotes and analogies, the author, takes us on an inside journey where our thirst for well-being is travelling first class. Emotional and stress management, communication, motivation, conflict management, the use of emotional intelligence and, of course, happiness in farming are discussed.

– What are the secrets of happy couples?
– Business decisions or decisions from hell?
– Are you just worried, or anxious?
– Can we be over motivated?
– Are you ripe for a burnout?
– God complex: symptoms and suggestions
– Can farmers still be happy?
– Do you tend to procrastinate?
– When life gets you down
– What if ambition was a disease?
– Are we suffering from “too big, too fast” syndrome?
– What are the steps toward change?
– Can the next generation choose to be next?
– Can you motivate your employees?
– Will the golden child take control of the business?
– Are you often about to explode?
– What is the price of hatred?
– What is success?
– Are your expectations responsible for your misfortunes?
– Does reaching your goals mean you’re happy?
– Can trust in others be restored?
– How can i be more efficient by resting?
– Who’s to blame?
– Yielding to carnal temptation, but at what price?
– How far can ego bring you?