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How many times have you regretted words, actions or decisions once the emotion has passed? Losing control of your emotions always works against you.

Emotions are fundamental to our lives and essential to our survival and happiness. However, poor management of emotions can result in suffering for oneself and for others, as well as negative consequences for the business.

In the grip of emotion, our judgment is altered. We are deprived of our ability to reason, plan and assess the consequences from various angles. In sum, we are deprived of your intelligence. It is thus important to recognize our emotions and then take action to learn to better manage them. Healthy business management is impossible without healthy emotional management.

During a conference the following aspects will be explored: the role of emotions, the consequences of poor emotional management and the approach to be taken to increase positive emotions and to reduce negative ones.

Don’t be disillusioned. Stress is omnipresent and it is far from sparing the agricultural world! As in all spheres of society, psychological distress is increasing and causing important damage to the physical and psychological health of administrators and employees as well as to the financial wellbeing of businesses.

With the use of both humour and emotions, the participants are brought to realize the impact of stress in their lives. The causes, the symptoms and the effects of stress, as well as effective management strategies are discussed. The main characteristics of people who are stressed out and candidates for burnout will be discussed. Finally, reflections regarding our agricultural practices are also on the menu.